Floral Alphabet - a
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Floral Alphabet - a

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This stunning alphabet makes for an eye catching cookie in absolutely any set! 

Whether you do up a single letter or an entire name or word, these floral letters are sure to be loved by each and every recipient (as well as the cookier!)

A little about the alphabet: This set was designed so that the sizes all compliment each other if they are to be used in a word form, however they also look fantastic as an individual, statement letter. They were also created nice and big so as to allow enough space for an amazing floral arrangement, any smaller of a letter was found to remove too much area for where the florals needed to go. We are so excited for you to fall in love with your Floral Alphabet!

Check back for a Capital Letter Set as well as Numbers, they are both in the works as we are drawing them up!

Each letter is available individually for $8.95 or in a full set which brings the cost down to $4.42 each.

a 4" tall 

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